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Mindset of the disruptive entrepreneur

Apparently, I’m a Nerd!  But an expert one.  I am the featured expert for Season 3 of the Nerds of Business podcast.  Over 12 weeks host Darren Moffatt and I dig deep into the six defining elements of mindset required to be a successful disruptive entrepreneur.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or click these links to go straight to each episode:


Episode #1: Resilience and how to cultivate it.  A great topic for everyone.

How ‘disruptive’ entrepreneurs are using resilience to power a winning mindset

Episode #2: Creativity.  Is it inborn?  Can it be learned? 

How to harness entrepreneurial creativity to disrupt markets & smash your competitors!


Episode #3: Confidence – where it comes from and tips for having more of it.

The ultimate ‘X-factor’: how confidence drives entrepreneurs to bend rules & supercharge profits

Episode #4: Drive – the variable energies of ambition, competitiveness, passion, mission and diligence.

Superhuman work ethic: how to leverage ambition and competitiveness to boost your entrepreneurial drive

Episode #5: Preventing and addressing burnout, and managing your encounters with corporate sociopaths.  (A juicy and fascinating conversation!!)

When entrepreneurs go BAD: sociopaths, burnout & destructive behaviours that ruin people & kill companies

Episode #6: Visionary leadership, charisma, and what it means to be strategic

How to apply the leadership lessons of disruptive entrepreneurs to bring your vision to life!

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