A little more about me

The author of Shrink Wrap

  • I was born and raised in the UK.  But I’m OK now.
  • My dad had Asperger’s and my mother was an East German escapee.  Mine was a difficult upbringing, but easier than theirs.
  • I delight in British humour and sophistication of the intellect, but relish Australia’s sunshine, big windows, and relaxed honesty.
  • I have a manic research head.  Something you need to know?  A truth you need distilled from a mass of complex, contradictory information?  I’m your girl.  Let me at it. 
  • I’m a bit obsessed with objectivity as a thing.  I love it.  It feels wise.
  • My mother was always very sick, and crippled by multiple autoimmune illnesses by the time she turned 50.  This backdrop has served as a battery pack for my life – I have been determined to live the exact opposite experience.  Vitality is my number one value. 
  • Cheerful composure is my second.  Usually this is true for me.  Sometimes it’s aspirational.
  • Barring accidents, misadventure or quirky genes, I believe that chronic unwellness is mostly preventable/resolvable when we really put our minds to it.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. 
  • I’m acrobatic and playful.  I love yoga, dance, and the kinds of (fully grown adult) friends who I can play with like I play with my dog.
  • My dog is the sweetest, nicest being I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.  I love her.
  • I like growing things and designing natural, biophilic environments for humans and other animals.  I almost became a biologist, a vet, a photographer, or a graphic artist.
  • When I coach people on personal or work issues I am almost entirely solution-focused.  Don’t come to me if you just want your forehead stroked.  Be prepared – we’re going to fix the problem.


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