ABC Radio, The World Today:  Benefits and pitfalls of citizenship tests Corporate Psychologist Stephanie Thompson interviewed by Thomas Oriti


I was on the radio today, discussing the citizenship test with presenter Thomas Oriti.  Does it really predict anything about a person’s values?  Is it useful?

We also talked about the use of psychometrics in the business world, and how that kind of testing differs.

Click to listen to the interview….

If we bag Trump, are we being mean to someone with psychological problems? And should the presidency have mental health selection criteria, like other jobs?

Donald Trump

Say what?!  This was a real question posed to me recently, while the USA’s 2016 presidential campaign was hitting peak insanity.

The questioner, in a (fleeting) moment of sympathy for what he interpreted as front and centre mental health issues in Donald Trump, contemplated whether he was, therefore, being unkind by condemning his behaviour…

Let’s look at it this way instead:  If the US Presidency were a regular job.  Before inviting candidates to apply for a job, Occupational Psychologists draw up application criteriaRead more…