No, you don’t have to ‘love yourself’ before being in a relationship Self-help Hooey topic #1 - myths from pop psychology

Self-help Hooey - love yourself

I’m not against self-help literature.  I’m a shrink, so I’m all for it.  There are a few fashionable self-help myths, though, that drive me up the wall because they are not only nonsensical, but it’s actually cruel to lead others to believe in them.

So I’m creating a series of Self-help Hooey posts that expose and put right some of this silliness.  I hope to make you feel a whole heap better about yourself along the way, and equip you with much better strategies.

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And so it begins About Shrink Wrap, the blog

Psychologist Stephanie Thompson

Blog post #1.  Here it is, finally.  I’ve contemplated writing a blog for about two years, and have finally taken the plunge.  I hope to bring you interesting ponderings about life, happiness and the human condition, with practical take-home tips, a little humour, and as much wisdom and objectivity as I can muster.

Also, the psychology of business and current affairs.  This blog is taking shape just as the USA has concluded its history-changing Clinton-Trump 2016 election…

I’ve also got a book on the boil.  It’s about…  Read more…