Should presidents and prime ministers have mental health selection criteria?

You know, like other jobs

Donald Trump

If the US presidency were a regular job, Psychologists would draw up selection criteria and candidates would be screened for stability and competence. 

How might the world look if more leaders were earnest public servants instead of unstable egoists and sociopaths?  

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Is your boss a corporate psychopath?

Chances are, there's a psychopath in your building

Does this remind you of anyone?  Superficially charming, even warm.  Extreme intimidation of others.  Manipulative and controlling.  Bad tempered.  Self-obsessed.  Lacking remorse.

Then you may be working with a corporate psychopath.  Contrary to popular understanding, psychopathology is not always about murderousness.  It’s defined broadly as …

And there’s a surprising amount of it about.  One woman in 200 is classifiable as a psychopath, as is one man in 80.  Chances are, you have a psychopath in your building.  Read more…

And so it begins

About Shrink Wrap, the blog

Psychologist Stephanie Thompson

Blog post #1.  Here it is, finally.  I’ve contemplated writing a blog for about two years, and have finally taken the plunge.  I hope to bring you interesting ponderings about life, happiness and the human condition, with practical take-home tips, a little humour, and as much wisdom and objectivity as I can muster.

Also, the psychology of business and current affairs.  This blog is taking shape just as the USA has concluded its history-changing Clinton-Trump 2016 election…

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