How to survive working with your family Critical knowledge for thriving in a family business

Working with family can be hard.  Dysfunctional dynamics transfer from home to the workplace, making life more stressful than it needs to be and threatening the success of the business.  This post is the ultimate guide to understanding what’s up with your sibling relationships and what to do about it.

(HINT: This is really for anyone who has difficulty with their adult brothers or sisters – you don’t have to be working with them.)  Read more…

Six tips for staying sane and happy as a business owner Bank of Queensland talks to Stephanie Thompson about the Business Balance Report

The Bank of Queensland have been talking with me recently about the unique stresses of owning a small or medium business, and what to do about them.

They commissioned research into this topic, resulting in the fascinating Business Balance Report.  It reveals shockingly high levels of depression, anxiety and stress among Australian business owners. 

So I gave them some tips for staying sane and happy while running a business.  Read more…

ABC Radio, The World Today:  Benefits and pitfalls of citizenship tests Corporate Psychologist Stephanie Thompson interviewed by Thomas Oriti


I was on the radio today, discussing the citizenship test with presenter Thomas Oriti.  Does it really predict anything about a person’s values?  Is it useful?

We also talked about the use of psychometrics in the business world, and how that kind of testing differs.

Click to listen to the interview….

Introverts are more easily distracted And lots more you didn't know about introverts, extroverts, and open-plan offices

Open-plan offices

Having the radio or TV on in the background drives me bat-poop crazy.  Fortunately, I and my other half have evolved a reliable arrangement that includes volume controls and a rather spiffy wireless headset.  (For him, not me.)

It wasn’t always this way.  As in any relationship, the compromises of cohabitation are negotiated and whittled over time.  Working from a nice open-plan home much of the time, at first I found myself frustratingly unproductive.  I had discovered the inherent incompatibility between the analytical nature of my business consulting and writing work, and sharing space with a stimulation-craving extrovert.  Read more…

If we bag Trump, are we being mean to someone with psychological problems? And should the presidency have mental health selection criteria, like other jobs?

Donald Trump

Say what?!  This was a real question posed to me recently, while the USA’s 2016 presidential campaign was hitting peak insanity.

The questioner, in a (fleeting) moment of sympathy for what he interpreted as front and centre mental health issues in Donald Trump, contemplated whether he was, therefore, being unkind by condemning his behaviour…

Let’s look at it this way instead:  If the US Presidency were a regular job.  Before inviting candidates to apply for a job, Occupational Psychologists draw up application criteriaRead more…

Is your boss a corporate psychopath? Chances are, there's a psychopath in your building

Does this remind you of anyone?  Superficially charming, even warm.  Extreme intimidation of others.  Manipulative and controlling.  Bad tempered.  Self-obsessed.  Lacking remorse.

Then you may be working with a corporate psychopath.  Contrary to popular understanding, psychopathology is not always about murderousness.  It’s defined broadly as …

And there’s a surprising amount of it about.  One woman in 200 is classifiable as a psychopath, as is one man in 80.  Chances are, you have a psychopath in your building.  Read more…