Dance in the time of Cholera/COVID-19

Coronavirus precautions for dance hobbyists

Dance in the time of COVID-19

Lovers of Tango, Salsa, Contact Improv and Ceroc, we have a dilemma – how to continue our hobby safely in the time of COVID-19.

This easy to understand super-summary of the World Health Organization & PRC report tells you all you need to know, in simple terms.

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Why your stress response can feel like it’s hijacking your personality, and what to do about it

Stress, Vagus nerves and Polyvagal Theory, made simple (really)

Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, angry or shutdown? Or perhaps you have physical ailments that you suspect are stress-related.

Well, it could be your Vagus Nerve. This article teaches you how to be a better steward of your mind-body, informed by Stephen PorgesPolyvagal Theory.

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