You should just let your anger out (or not) Self-help Hooey topic #2 - myths from pop psychology

If you are prone to angry feelings, which is the better strategy?  Let it out, or hold it in?

The answer is neither, because there’s a far superior option.  It’s much more effective than that old favourite “You must releeeease your anger” – usually by pummelling a pillow, taking a boxing class, or sealing your doors and windows and yelling at the top of your lungs.

Welcome to the second post in the Self-help Hooey series that myth-busts some of the more damaging beliefs of popular psychology.  Read more…

ABC Radio, The World Today:  Benefits and pitfalls of citizenship tests Corporate Psychologist Stephanie Thompson interviewed by Thomas Oriti


I was on the radio today, discussing the citizenship test with presenter Thomas Oriti.  Does it really predict anything about a person’s values?  Is it useful?

We also talked about the use of psychometrics in the business world, and how that kind of testing differs.

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Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) The neglected field of recovery research  (update)

Studying health instead of disease.  That was the motto of an informal but far reaching 2006 study into the devastating illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME).

With the cause of the disease eluding scientists, this study sought instead to uncover how those who had successfully recovered from CFS had done so. 

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Introverts are more easily distracted And lots more you didn't know about introverts, extroverts, and open-plan offices

Open-plan offices

Having the radio or TV on in the background drives me bat-poop crazy.  Fortunately, I and my other half have evolved a reliable arrangement that includes volume controls and a rather spiffy wireless headset.  (For him, not me.)

It wasn’t always this way.  As in any relationship, the compromises of cohabitation are negotiated and whittled over time.  Working from a nice open-plan home much of the time, at first I found myself frustratingly unproductive.  I had discovered the inherent incompatibility between the analytical nature of my business consulting and writing work, and sharing space with a stimulation-craving extrovert.  Read more…

Is your boss a corporate psychopath? Chances are, there's a psychopath in your building

Does this remind you of anyone?  Superficially charming, even warm.  Extreme intimidation of others.  Manipulative and controlling.  Bad tempered.  Self-obsessed.  Lacking remorse.

Then you may be working with a corporate psychopath.  Contrary to popular understanding, psychopathology is not always about murderousness.  It’s defined broadly as …

And there’s a surprising amount of it about.  One woman in 200 is classifiable as a psychopath, as is one man in 80.  Chances are, you have a psychopath in your building.  Read more…